Diamond Fire

Diamond Fire -  Ilona Andrews Loved this novella!
It's a wonderful addition to the Hidden Legacy Series.

We get a little bit more background to Catalina's past and the struggles she's had with her magic.
Boy does she kick-ass in the end!

One of my favourite quotes:
"Runa raised her hands. A faint green mist spread from her passed through the refrigerators and dissipated. She stepped forward, took a tub of ice-white fondant out, opened it, pinched some fondant off, and popped it in her mouth. “Mmm, delicious cyanide.
Old school.
Histotoxic hypoxia on you, histotoxic hypoxia on your house, histotoxic hypoxia on your cow."

-I cracked up reading this quote because I recently watched Mulan with my granddaughter and I've alway's loved Mushu's rant. :-)

Great read!