Secrets of a Summer Night

Secrets of a Summer Night  - Lisa Kleypas First read March: 8-10, 2010

Second read March: 20-21, 2013

Third read: August 7-8, 2018

5 stars....again!!!

I absolutely LOVE Simon Hunt & Annabelle Peyton together!
Their chemistry was off the charts!
I loved their bantering and how they 'circled' one another until finally they couldn't help themselves and had to give in to their desires and temptations.

Once they did then...
photo fireworks.gif

What an absolute treat to discover (realize) Harry Rutledge's name and to " clue in" that Annabelle & Simon were staying at the Rutledge Hotel with the Bowman sister. Well played Ms Kleypas!

The saying is true with this stories, "The bigger they are, the harder they fall."

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