The Day of the Duchess

The Day of the Duchess - Sarah MacLean One of my all-time favorite reads!!

I loved this story so hard!
I laughed.
I cried.
I was anxious.
I was heartbroken.
I was surprised.
I was blissfully happy.

Amazing writing.
Amazing story.
Amazing characters.

I finish with a quote from the Author's Note at the end of the story.

"The Day of the Duchess is a story finding hope from sorrow-from a marriage that might never work and a loss that might never be overcome - and when I sat down to write it, I had no idea that it would become the story of so many women I've known, women who have amazed me with their strength and their ability to face an uncertain future. I could not have predicted that, over the course of writing this book, I would be so inspired by so many -friends, family, readers, strangers, -all made of beauty and steel.
Sara is for all of you." -Sarah MacLean