Magic Shifts

Magic Shifts -  Ilona Andrews What a wonderful introduction to the new arc the authors are writing.
I love the potential this series has in going forth with this story-line.

Once again, Kate and Curran are amazing together.
The only peeve I kinda had with this series so far was that Curran continually had to swoop in and save Kate.
I found up until now, that the power was unbalanced.
Kate would see the danger, run in half-cocked, kill everything - meanwhile get the shit beat out her, and Curran would have to rush in and save her.
We (the reader) can speculate the potential of how much power Kate could eventually have considering her lineage, and we know just by what she did at the end of the last book (when she claimed Atlanta) that she has far too much power as is considering her young age.
Roland said she shouldn't have been able to do a claiming for another 100 years.

In this book, Kate and Curran are more of an equally balanced team and work as a strong, kick-ass team.
They rely more on each other's strengths and compensate for one another's weaknesses.
I love their bantering, quick wit, and their chemistry.

Great read!