Shadow's End

Shadow's End - Thea Harrison
5 shiny stars!

I LOVED this book and let me tell you why.

First and foremost, KUDOS to Ms. Harrison for expertly leaving clues in previous novels and novellas and then brilliantly bringing everything together in this story. LOVED! LOVED! LOVED IT!
(This book can be read without reading the novellas. Ms. Harrison explains everything very well, but I think perhaps a reader who hasn't read all the novellas in this series might feel that they're missing something).

Secondly, Graydon and Beluviel were amazing together.
WOW! Such patience and strategic planning in order to finally end the bargain.
For the Wyr Gryphon and the Lady of the Wood Elf, they more than deserve an HEA.

photo gryphon-rider-backround.jpg

Be prepared, one of the major characters in the stories will lose their life in the final battle. I was shocked by the write-off, but what had me a blubbering idiot was the mourning of his loved ones left behind.

And lastly.... I can't wait to see what Ms. Harrison does with Liam's character.
The possibilities are endless because we (the readers) don't really know what Liam can do.

This was a wonderful installment to the Elder Races series, and I can't wait to read what Ms. Harrison writes next!