No Escape

No Escape  - Shannon K. Butcher

4.5 stars

What an incredible ending to the "No" series.
I really enjoyed the other two books in the series, but this one.. this one was I think the best of them all (I loved that Colonel Monroe wasn't pulling his manipulative strings on his boys in this one).

Grant is so emotionally broken, but with Isabelle's help he learns to be the complete man he was meant to be.

.. and Isabelle, what an amazingly strong, confident, intelligent, generous, loving woman.
Life was never easy for her, and despite her upbringing, she persevered, beat the odds, and established a good life.

She is the 'perfect' woman to love Grant, but also to teach him that he's worthy to love himself.

I loved the action and suspense in this story, and even though the reader knows who the bad guy(s) are early on in the book, it is such an amazing ride to see how they get caught and how the H/h figure it out.

This story 'had me' right from the start, and I couldn't put it down right til the very end (bless you heart Shannon K. Butcher for the wonderful epilogue..I friggen LOVE epilogue's)!

Glad I found this series!
Highly recommend this book!