Breaking Point (I-Team, #5) - Pamela Clare
First read May 20-26, 2011

*sigh* it done already?
Another great action-packed, thrilling, sexy-as-hell story from Ms. Clare featuring my favorite investigative reporters "The I-Team".
I LOVED THIS STORY! Loved the characters, and the story line.... only sad thing is that Kara and Reese seem to be less involved as the series continues (their story is what got me hooked in the first place).
Zach McBride is well....AMAZING!!! ... and Nathalie is a perfect match for him!
I love the strength, integrity, honor, duty, and strong characters in this series!
I can't wait to read Holly's story!

Second read July 25 - 26, 2013

WOW! What a ride!
Once again, the characters, writing, and story were AMAZING!
What I really noticed this time I read this story was Joaquin's character. How I neglected him the first time around I'll never know, but somehow I did (sorry Joaquin).
Joaquin is the I-Team's photographer and a really good friend.
Violence strikes when Nathalie and Joaquin are at a journalist conference in Mexico, and all the Mexican journalists are being assassinated. Joaquin being of Spanish/Mexican decent is targetted and Nathalie risks her life to save Joaquin (and she does) but ends up being kidnapped and taken hostage.
Joaquin blames himself and feels guilty for not being more of a 'man' like Reece, Julian, and Gabe. He 'believes' that if he was more like them, he could have defended Nathalie, and she would never have been taken.
He asks Marc and Gabe to teach him how to shoot a gun, and repeatedly puts himself in danger in order to find Nathalie.
As I stated above, this story is incredible, but the part of the book that really touched me the most was at the end of the story when everyone is in Julian's hospital room (no spoiler as to how he got there) and Joaquin shares the photos he took of yesterdays action.

"He said nothing, letting the images speak for themselves.... And then came the photos he wasn't supposed to have taken...As the photos made the rounds, Joaquin watched, taking in people's reactions.
He saw the glance of acknowledgment that passed between Marc and Julian, the tears in Tessa's and Sophie's eyes, the appreciation in Gabe's and Reece's and he knew his images had revealed a deeper truth about their friendships and the ordeal they'd just endured than they could have expressed themselves."

""You have a gift," Julian said at last, handing back the photos.
"Anyone can be trained to shoot a gun. But what you do, Ramirez (Joaquin)-it's art."