Naked Edge - Pamela Clare
First read March 14-16, 2011

I so love Ms. Clare's books! I just love how she can describe a man's 'heavy testicles' is such a way that it sounds so 'caveman' and yet so sexy at the same time!
Great story! Loved how Ms. Clare incorporated Katherine's American Native traditions and culture throughout this book, and how responsive and accepting Gabe was.
Excellent characters and writing! Love the whole I-Team supporting one another in crisis situations, and I really like how Tom wasn't 'such an asshole' in this book without sacrificing his dedication to 'Freedom of Speech' and to getting down to the truth of a story ...he actually seemed human in this story!
Will be reading the next book shortly!

Second read July 23-25, 2013

What I wrote above still stands. This was an amazing read.
I loved the action, the extreme climbing & skiing in this book. Gabe you are a 'rock god'!
I really like how Kat didn't compromise or give up beliefs in the story, and that Gabe accepted her beliefs, strength, courage and love to heal him and allow him to be the man he was meant to be.

Favorite quote:
"The wind knows him"