Angels' Blood - Nalini Singh First read August 2011

breathless. dazzled. speechless....AMAZED!!!!

re-read June 28-29, 2013
Everytime I pick up this book I find something new that I missed the last time I read it, and it makes me love the story even more!

I absolutely LOVE the incredible world Nalini Singh has created in this story. A world where Archangels and Angels rule our world, where Vampires roam free, and where Hunter's are born with the ability to track Vampires who go rogue.

The characters are breath-taking, ruthless, charismatic, dominant, loyal, and sexy as hell.

The writing and story-telling makes me crave for MORE, which inspires me to pick up this series and re-read usually once a year.

This is one of the few series that I actually buy a 'hard copy' of so I can hold it in my hands while I read, and lend it out to my friends.

Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed this story!