Extreme Exposure - Pamela Clare First read: September 29, 2010

I wanted to take a couple of day to think about this book before I posted a review... well a couple of days have passed and this story still 'pops' into my head.
To start with.. Reese is PERFECT! The man can cook, clean, has excellent taste in food, and wine. He was (and plans to be once again) a teacher who ran for Senate because his students challenged him to prove what he was teaching them 'that anyone can run for office and make a difference'. Reese has a conscience and He's an idealist who stands on what He believes in. He is protective yet not overbearing. He works out (buffed and ripped) and according to the book is amazing in bed...what more can I say...He's every woman's fantasy and every man wants to be him.
Kara on the other hand grew up without a father, and the first man she fell in love with dumped her when she became pregnant so she was left to work, and raise a child on her own....hence there is a trust issue between her and Reese.
Only a character like Reese's could break the barrier that Kara has put up.
Now to the story...AMAZING! Kara is an investigative reporter who 'gets right in there' to get the story. She risks her life in order to protect the innocent and make the world a better place for her little boy.
There is action, suspense, mystery and of course a brewing romance between Reese and Kara.
I highly recommend this book and will continue to read the rest of the series.

Second read: May 10, 2013

Amazing! Loved this story more the second time I read it! Still LOVE Reece, and Kara is still my hero!
Still 5 shiny stars!