One Good Earl Deserves a Lover (The Rules of Scoundrels, #2) - Sarah MacLean

This is the second book in Sarah MacLean's "The Rules of Scoundrels" series, and so far it's my favorite!!
When I was reading this book and Phillipa (Pippa) was describing her dilemma to Cross, that she felt quite unprepared and had no idea about the activities that take place after the bed, and that "she found the marriage vows rather specious".. actually the bit before the vows, specifically the part that says, "to satisfy men's carnal lusts and appetites, like brute beasts that have no understanding."
Pippa goes on to explain to Cross, "that it's critical that I know what to expect. That I am prepared for it. Well. Don't you see? This is all wrapped up in the single most important task I shall have as wife."
Cross: "Which is?"
Pippa: "Procreation."
Pippa then proposes that Cross be her research associate by 'shedding' some light on the actual activity, and her research in carnal lust and appetites.
Pippa wants Cross to give her a "lecture of sorts. In animal husbandry. Of sorts."
Pippa then offers to pay him for his services starting at £25, then ups it to £50. At this point in the conversation, Cross is seriously tempted to do it for free, that never in his life has Cross wanted to throw this strange woman down on his desk and give her exactly what she was asking for.
To Cross, Pippa was probably the most dangerous woman he has ever encountered. She is highly intelligent, brave, bold, eccentric, and beautiful.

.. and that's only the first chapter!!
I was laughing my ass off during this whole conversation.
It was so well written, and captured my attention right from the get-go, that I COULDN'T WAIT to see what would happen next!

Background on Cross
Cross is the second son of an Earl, who was described by his father as 'the replacement' child. Who six years earlier was a notorious rake, rogue and scoundrel.
Then one night, all that changed when his older brother (Viscount Baine) was killed, and he (Jasper Arlesey) became Earl Harlow.
The only words his father said to him before he walked away from his family were "it should have been you", and his mother couldn't look at, or speak to him.
For six years Cross (Jasper) has been living with that guilt, and he's been punishing himself by becoming a partner, living at, acting as an enforcer when necessary, and doing the books at one of London's most successful gaming hell's. He's also been celibate, because he believes that had he done what he was supposed to be doing the night of his brother's tragic accident instead of sleeping around, it would have been him dead, and not his brother.

In my mind when Ms. MacLean was describing Cross," a handsome, tall ginger" (not only this looks, but his actions *wags eyebrows*)
this is who I pictured
photo princeharry2.jpg
.. and he's a bad-ass too!
photo harrymilitary.jpg

(YES,*sighs* I have a cougar crush on Prince Harry)

This is how I pictured Pippa in my head.
photo pippa.png

All I can say is that I LOVED this story!

I really enjoyed the characters. The author's writing was brilliant, and her story was an AMAZING read!

What started out as Pippa awkwardly propositioning Cross to be research associate to understand the 'mechanics' of breeding.. turned into Pippa and Cross developing a relationship, and eventually Pippa saving Cross (Jasper) from himself.

This was a beautiful story to read, and finished with an AWESOME Epilogue..YAY! Ms. MacLean, THANK YOU for that!!