Board Resolution (Knights of the Board Room, #1) - Joey W. Hill


Matt and Savannah have been working together for years. There's always been an attraction and underlying sexual tension between them.

Savannah has been raised by a domineering father, who never showed any emotions because he taught Savannah that it was a form of weakness.
She never felt loved by her father. She only lived by his "rules", and he dictated everything in her life to prepare and mold her to inevitably take-over his company.

Matt is a Corporate CEO who really "sees" Savannah. He doesn't see her as the person her father has created, but as a strong, intelligent woman who also craves to be loved and needs to be shown compassion.

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Matt, you won my heart with your persistence, and patience with Savannah. You saw what she needed, and you gave it to her... along with your heart.

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.. and Savannah you fought him 'tooth & nail' every step of the way, because everything you've ever been taught says that if you ever show emotion, it is considered a weakness. Until, Matt finally breaks down your walls and you are really able to hear what he had to say to you.

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*** Just a side note: This book definately made my "How to lose your virginity" column :)

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