Bonds of Trust - Lynda Aicher
4.5 stars

I LOVED reading, and experiencing Cali's growth, and how she became more comfortable with her desires, wants, and finally her acceptance that she was a Sub... Jake's Sub.

I LOVED Jake's constant battle within... between his role as a Dom (something he's always been), and allowing Cali to break all his barriers and making it personal. Jake getting jealous when Marcus stepped in had me in knot's, but it was also necessary for Jake to finally realize how important Cali was to him.

Right from the start Cali and Jake had a bond (no pun intended).

Their connection while in a 'Scene' was both intimate, and sensual.



And finally progressing to the point of absolute trust between Dom and Sub. The Dom to fulfill the Sub's needs, and the Sub to trust that the Dom will take control and provide absolute pleasure while in worship and reverence of the Sub's beauty while doing so.


My final thought when I finished this story was that the Author did an AMAZING job of portraying the Dom and Sub roles. It was beautiful, honest, and shameless!

Can't wait to read Kendra & Deklan's story!

Well done Ms. Aicher!!