Sempre (Forever, #1) - J.M. Darhower 4.5 stars..just because I would have really liked the book to end with an Epilogue instead of how it ended.

The Prologue of this book had me HOOKED immediately, and as I delved further into the story it became apparent how messed up this situation really was.

What can I say, this family was probably one of the most dysfunctional families I ever read about, or could have even imagined!

It took awhile for me to wrap-around in my head how the children in this story spoke to their father, and how they literally raised themselves because of his work.

Vincent & Carmine are very broken characters who are going through the motions of surviving.

I absolutely adored Haven! Her strength, intelligence, and observations made me admire her character so much.

.. and Celia and Corrino were amazing!

This was such a nice surprise to read, and I look forward to reading more of this Author`s work.