Tangle of Need (Psy-Changeling, #11) - Nalini Singh This was a good story, but unfortunately it wasn't one of my favorites in the Psy-Changling series :(.

The story is about Riaz, a Snowdancer Lieutenant, a Lone-wolf who has found his 'mate', but she's married and in love with another. Riaz's heart and wolf are broken, so he returns to the Snowdancer territory in San Fransisco to heal and somehow find a way to become whole again.


Riaz and his 'golden eyes' *sigh*

..and then there's Adria a dominant-maternal senior soldier in the Snowdancer pack. She's healing from her own failed marriage. Because she is a dominant and her husband was a submissive, she always had to bend and make herself 'less' in the relationship until there was nothing but resentment and bitterness between the two.

Adria fights alongside Riaz in the battle against the Pure-Psy in "Kiss of Snow", and ends up having to serve under Riaz.

They are extremely attracted to one another. Riaz feels that he is betraying his mate (even though she's already taken), and Adria doesn't want to wake up one day and have Riaz resent her because she's not his 'true' mate.

Their journey was one of a lot of healing, understanding, but also strength, respect, and of course love.

The problem I had with the story was that I found the story very 'busy'. There were so many sub-stories going on (Sienna & Hawke, Riley & Mercy, Drew & Indigo, Judd, Aden, Vasic, the Ghost, and Kaleb) that I found it didn't do Riaz & Adria's story justice.

***Maybe all of our favorite characters from previous books could have an added version to their stories to keep the fans up-to date (ie: 11.2 Riaz & Adria life after this book)... just a thought***

LOVED the cliffhanger Ms. Singh left at the end of this book!

Can't wait to read the next installment!