On the Edge (The Edge, #1) - Ilona Andrews I had put off starting this series for awhile now, because I'm such a HUGE fan of Ilona Andrew's Kate Daniel's "Magic" series, and now I'm sorry I haven't started reading it sooner.

The world that the Author creates is spectacular!
I LOVE the whole concept of "The Broken" (our regular hum-drum world), "The Weird" (totally magical), and the place that's on the border of these amazing worlds "The Edge" (where the people have magic *not as strong as The Weird*, but can also live & work in the broken, but their magic leaves them while there).

The characters in this story are strong, loyal, intelligent, and stubborn. Rose (the female lead) has remarkable magic that allows her to 'flash' white, which makes her extremely powerful, and also coveted. From a very young age men have tried to abduct her, sell her, and even auction her off because of her magic (to breed her). Declan (the male lead) is also extremely powerful in his magic, but he's also a Blueblood (royalty from The Weird), a soldier, and the more time he spends with Rose to fulfill his mission, the more he wants Rose.

Once again Ilona Andrew's excels in amazing bantering between the characters. I really enjoyed watching the characters fall for each other and end up working together as an amazing team.

I can't wait to start the next story in the series.