First Visions (Second Sight, #1) - Heather Topham Wood

This is the first story I've read by Heather Topham Wood, and to be honest I was expecting 'more' from it. The story's concept really intrigued me, but unfortunately the characters fell short.
I had a hard time with the female lead.
At 16 years old Kate fell into a coma after contracting meningitis, only to wake up knowing the whereabouts of a child that was abducted while she was in the coma.
After two years of isolating herself and denying She had any 'psychic' gifts, She is approached by a young Detective to help find another missing child.
She agrees to assist in the case, but has reservations about her life turning into a media circus (that's what happened after she helped find the other child when she awoke from the coma). The Detective promises the utmost discretion, and that no-one will know She's helping the police.

Once Kate starts interacting with the Detective, it's like she regresses to a 6 year old. I half expected her to stick her tongue out at him a couple of times when she was having a fit.

I found Kate's character very immature, rude, and annoying (just my personal opinion), and I had a hard time 'believing' her character.

The writing and secondary characters were good, but like I said, Kate kinda ruined for me, and it's really too bad because She had a lot of potential and so did this book.

I REALLY wanted to like this story more!