Rock Chick Regret - Kristen Ashley One of my favorite parts of this book was the "Author's Note".

"And this, my loyal readers, is exactly what the entire series of 'Rock Chicks' is about, as Sadie learns in the story you are about to read. You are never alone, not when you have friends.
Learn from my stories and, through thick and thin, remember, if you have friends you are never alone".

LOVED Hector & Sadie together (amazing couple)!

I loved how Sadie discovered she had friends (the Rock Chicks, the Hot Bunch, Tex and Duke), and that she had people she could count on who became her 'family'.
I liked reading Sadie's journey to find out 'who she really was' without having to wear all the different masks to protect her heart and her soul.
She truly did 'shine' when her true self came out.

..and as always Kristen Ashley writes an 'amazing' Epilogue!!

Really enjoyed this read, can't wait to read Ally's story!