Silver-Tongued Devil (Sabina Kane #4) - Jaye Wells What can I say.. I've gobbled up the last three books in this series over the last couple of days and have thoroughly the enjoyed the adventure the Author has taken me on!

Sabina's character has 'evolved' from a 'broken, insecure, selfish, childlike being' into a force to be reckoned with.
She now has family and friends she cares for and trusts, and is willing to do anything to protect what she considers 'hers'.

Giguhl is probably my 'all time' favorite Minion/Familiar/Sidekick/Best-friend/Demon....EVER!
It would be so easy for his character to Dominate over Sabina's, but the author has done an AMAZING job of writing him 'perfectly' that their characters flow smoothly throughout the story.

..last but not least to mention...Adam...WOW!! Love his character, honesty, integrity, strength, and loyalty...and the fact that he's a 'special-forces/secret-service powerful Mage doesn't hurt either!
Can't wait to read what the Author has in store for Sabina & Adam in the next book, but I hope it's good because they've become one of my favorite 'literary' couples.