Red-Headed Stepchild (Sabina Kane, #1) - Jaye Wells 'Red-Headed Stepchild' by Jaye Wells is the first book in the Sabina Kane Series.
The story is about a Half Vampire - Half Mage Assassin named Sabina Kane.
The Mage's and the Vampire's are mortal enemies, but have struck a truce, and one of the conditions is that the races can never inter-breed.

Sabina's Parent's fought their attraction, and both were from very powerful Royal families within their Species, but in the end they fell in love and gave up their family ties to be together.
Sabina never knew her Parent's as her father was murdered before she was born, and her mother died shortly after she was born. Sabina was raised by her Vampire Grandmother who happens to also be head of the Vampire Dominae (the Vampire Judges, Jury, and Executioners).

Sabina's Grandmother never lets Sabina forget that She is a Half-Breed and manipulates and degrades Sabina into believing She will never truly be accepted by the Vampires (her only family) and because of her upbringing she was only taught to 'hate' the Mages. She has no clue about her Father's side of the family, or her Mage heritage except for a birthmark that all Mages have somewhere on their body.

Sabina is sent on a mission on behalf of the Dominae to assassinate a Half-Demon/Half-Half-Vampire who opposes the Dominae and wants to unite all the other species. On this mission Sabina learns a lot about herself and here Mage family, as well as the harsh truths about her Grandmother.

I really enjoyed the characters, the writing, and the story-line.
I look forward to reading more about Sabina Kane and her adventures.