Crux (Southern Arcana, #1) - Moira Rogers What can I say... this book had the makings of a fantastic story, one that would have kept me an avid fan. The writing, characters, and story line were brilliant, but somewhere along the way it just 'died'.... It seems like the author came to a point in her writing and just said "Ok, lets tie up all the loose ends and finish the book" and along with it the characters lost their depth.

I'm sorry to say that I've been spoiled with strong, kick-ass heroines lately, and Mackenzie didn't cut it for me.

I really had to force myself to finish reading the point I was opting to watch 'bad' prime-time TV. It became predictable and mundane.. and I lost total interest in the story around the last 50 pages.

I SO wanted to 'love' this book, because Jackson and Mackenzie had so much potential as characters, but somewhere along the way Mackenzie went from being "scared shitless" and trying to survive to some 'hollow' character.

Sorry ... but this was not my cup-of-tea.