Tequila Truth - Mari Carr Hawt!! Two men (an architect, and a cop) and a women (a teacher) have been roommates for 7 years and on each birthday they play 'tequila truth' a drinking game where the birthday boy/girl asks a question and it must be answered truthfully by all. The questions that starts everything rolling is "what is your ultimate sexual fantasy?" When the two guys share their fantasies they end up being what Kylie has been fantasizing about...forever bondage and spanking! Six months pass and her roommates can't seem to shake what Kylie has shared with them. Kylie starts trying to fulfill her fantasies on her own by picking up dangerous men and putting herself in really bad situations, until one night she brings home a guy who ties her up and starts beating her, not letting her go when it goes too far. Colt her "cop" roommate barges in and saves her, but decides that He and their other roommate will help fulfill her fantasies, but safely and with people she knows and trusts. The ending was surprising...but a good ending to the story.