Beg for Mercy (Trilogy, #1) - Jami Alden After I finished this book I had to think for a couple of days on how I would review it... so here goes.

The story starts out with our two main characters Megan a court appointed advocate for children and Cole a homicide detective having a rather romantic date, which would have their relationship moving to the next level except that Cole's phone rings..he answers it and is called to a crime scene. Megan hears the address is shocked to hear that it's her brother's house.
Cole leaves telling her to stay put and he'll call her when he has more information. Fearing that something terrible has happened to her brother, Megan doesn't listen and drives to her brother's house only to see Cole arresting her brother for murder.
Megan pleads for Cole's help, but he refuses to look at her or help her, but instead puts on a 'cold face' and does his job.

All the evidence at the house points to Sean, Megan's brother, and when he was picked up on the night of the murder he was confused and dazed so admits to bringing the murder girl back to his place and He can't explain why his knife was used to murder her or why he is covered in blood.

Megan's brother is convicted of murder and the District Attorney asks for the death penalty which they get.

The story then picks up two years later with Megan totally dedicated to her brother and his innocence. She religiously visits him every Saturday, has been involved with Sean's lawyer in Sean's appeal of the death penalty, she has given up her life in order to prove his innocence...until one Saturday after 2 years of incarceration, Sean being battered and broken down, decides that he won't appeal the death penalty any more..that he's lost hope and just wants to end it.
He then tells Megan not to come any more that if she does come, He will refuse to see her.

Now with Sean's execution date set, Megan only has a short time to prove his innocence before it's too late.
While all this is going on there is a serial rapist/murderer on the loose, and Megan thinks that some how these murders are connected to her brother's case. When she goes to the authorities with her theories they pass her off as some desperate women grasping at straws until one of the children She's an advocate for discovers the body of one of the latest victims and call's Megan out of panic before she calls the police. Megan tells her to call the police and then proceeds to go to her clients house to wait with her.
Megan is shocked to discover that Cole is the homicide officer working the case.
From this point on the the story becomes a roller-coaster ride.
It had me on the edge of my seat and I couldn't wait to find out would happen next.
This was an excellent read and I can't wait the next book in the series!