Lust - Charlotte Featherstone WOW!!!! I LOVED THIS BOOK!
FAVORITE FAVORITE 'things' about Ms. Featherstone's books are her Dark Alpha Males... all I can say is THANE.
Love his character and his carnal sin Lust. His is at constant struggle with the Dark Fey, this Sin, and his desire to have a full relationship with Chastity (Chaste) His Virtue.
Chastity is everything her virtue is..but deep inside she wants more. Thane awakens in her the part of her that wants to be a women and not just a 'virtue'.. or rather someone who hides behind the virtue.

I loved the whole concept of the Seven Sins and Seven Virtues...Amazing!
I love reading stories about the Fae, the Folklore and their Courts the Seelie and Unseelie (light and dark), and Ms. Featherstone does an excellent job of writing about them in this story.

Thank you for this story Ms. Featherstone.. what a beautiful gift!

I am so looking forward to reading the next story in this series!
(I'm hoping it's Prudence and Gluttony....their story will be amazing!)