Darkfever - Karen Marie Moning Okay I loved this book and the ending was great...but I can't wait to read the 5th and final book!!!
So many questions..What is Mac!..Did Ryordan really die?...Will the LM get Mac?...and importantly WHO WAS THE BEAST that Ryordan and Mac killed?...Everything suggests that its Jericho and that would mean He's Dead!....say it ain't so!

Knowing that Jericho is a CJ "Constant Jackass" and that he has literally shown no feelings for anything or anyone (except only if it in line with his agenda) still makes me want to believe that because who Mac is and what She's been through, and how Jericho had saved her so many times even from Herself I think He cares for her and not just because she can find the Hallowed objects, but because He loves her and doesn't know what to do with that especially at this desperate time. I think She can break through the huge wall he has around him and let her into his heart!

ooohhh the Suspence!!

Well done Ms Moning!!!!