The Texan's Wager (Wife Lottery, #1) - Jodi Thomas

I really enjoyed this story, and it was not at all what I expected.

This is the first book I've read by Jodi Thomas, and I'll definitely continue on with the rest of the series (because now I have to know what happens to the other two girls).

The writing and story were solid, and the main characters were sneaky..I wasn't quite sold on them, and then suddenly they were under my skin and I ended up loving them.

The sexual tension in the story is well written, and that's the beauty of the story because it is a 'clean' book (so no hotter-than-hell sex) and it worked. I didn't feel that the author had to rush and put a descriptive sex scene at the end to give a 'huge bang' (pardon the pun *grin*).

It was wonderful reading how Carter and Bailee got to know and trust one another, and finally fall in love.. forever.

Favorite Quote:

“Be my wife, all my life.”