Absolution (Suspense Series, #5) - Kaylea Cross 5 ++++ (one of my all time FAVORITE
contemporary romance/action/suspense/adventure stories to date)


This is the 5th and final book in Kaylea Cross’ “Suspense” series. The first book in the series is the weakest, but as the series progresses, it gets better and better.

The title of the book is “Absolution”' and that's what this book is about, but it's also about forgiveness, and healing.

Luke Hutchinson is a former SEAL Officer, and now works on contract for the CIA. He has sacrificed everything for his job, including his wife and child. Now at 50 years old, he's getting tired, and the job is catching up to him both physically and mentally. Luke also realizes that he's alone, and he really has nothing to show for his life other than his service to his country. Luke has decided that he’s going to get out of doing ‘Special Operations’ for the CIA, and open his own Consulting/Security firm, but before he can do that, he must find and bring down his Nemesis and former student Tehrazzi who is now considered one of the most dangerous people in the world.

Tehrazzi is a Muslim fanatic and extremist and has been targeting all the women in Luke's life in order to draw him out. Tehrazzi’s next target is Luke's ex-wife Emily. Luke suspects that Emily is in danger and even though Luke walked out on Emily and their son Rayne 20 years ago, He has never stopped loving her, and will do everything in his power to make sure she is safe.
Luke decides to bring Emily to Beirut with him while he’s ‘hunting’ Tehrazzi. He thinks this will be the safest and most secure place for her to be, because he can ensure His people will be with her 24/7, and his compound has the best security available.

Emily agrees to go to Beirut with Luke, but while Luke’s persuading Emily to come with him, He discovers Emily has been battling cancer for the last 5 years, and has recently had a mastectomy and is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments.
Once in Beirut, Luke thinks He’s pinpointed Tehrazzi’s location and prepares to go after Him in Afghanistan, but before he leaves he wants to show Emily just how much he loves her and how much he hopes they can have a future together after this is all finished.

...This is where Luke SHINES!

Luke realizes that Emily is self conscious about her body because of the mastectomy, and she still has an IV still inserted near her collarbone for the chemotherapy treatments. Luke wants to finally do right by Emily, and even if he doesn’t survive his confrontation with Tehrazzi he wants to 'love' and show Emily she is still the most beautiful women in the world to him.

““I won’t let you hide from me. Or from yourself”.....
"Look at me”.
After a long hesitation, she did.
He stared down at her with a powerful
mixture of tenderness and hunger.
“You think a scar’s going to change how I see you?
Feel about you?”
She swallowed and struggled to find her voice.
“It’s ugly.”
You’re beautiful to me, Em. Always.”
..."Give me your hand,” he coaxed, his
voice a seductive whisper.
She did, tentatively, and his fingers closed
around hers in a warm grip. Strong and reassuring.
“Accept who you are. Be proud of your body.
It’s fighting a war for you.””

The gentleness, understanding, and LOVE that Luke shows Emily is what heals her, gives her more confidence that she can win this battle against the cancer, and that she is still a beautiful women. It also gives them both hope that they can have a future together once this mission is over.