Start Me Up (Tumble Creek, #2) - Victoria Dahl HOLY HELL... Quinn is my new favorite fictional stud!

Loved this story!
'Lori Love' I can just imagine how Quinn purrs when He says her name ... *sigh*
Is an amazing character! I love her strength and Sass!
.. and Quinn.. well lets just say that Quinn has made it to my top 10 fictional stud list.

Favorite part:
Quinn has done some 'research' and read a few of Lori's favorite erotic books, and has discovered that Lori reads about bondage, and Quinn is willing to try and satisfy her fantasy.
.. after they've experimented, Quinn is concerned that Lori didn't enjoy it as much as He did. Lori tells Quinn it was the "best moment ever in her life", and He says, "Ya I kinda felt like a Sex Ninja".... Laughed my ass off!

Starting the last book in the trilogy NOW!